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Jul. 11th, 2011

We Salute You


Deck of Many Things - Modified for Eberron

Longpost is Long.Collapse )

Jan. 9th, 2011



Good game

It's official: You guys rock. :)

Dec. 14th, 2008

We Salute You


The Party

* Delcan: Dwarven rogue/wizard
* Zeightyfiv: Gargoyle monk (class undetermined)
* Darial: Human scout (and explosives specialist)
* Serena: Halfling druid (probably)

Serena, I need to know if you'll be taking any urban druid variant class features, and your feats.

Also, I was mistaken about there not being a halfling enclave in Sharn. The Little Plains district is the largest and most visible, because it brings more of the Plains culture into the city.

Darial, since you have two feats at L1 (ordinary and human bonus feat), do you want to take both Heroic Spirit and Daredevil?

Reminder: Characters are 32 point-buy. Maximum hit points at first level. You all begin with 300gp, rather than ordinary starting gold.

I highly recommend that those of you who can't fly purchase a Feather Fall talisman for 50gp. (They only work once, but can save your life in Sharn.)
We Salute You


Combat house rules

Let's face it: Combat in D&D tends to degenerate into "I hit it again", and that's boring. To make combat maneuvers more worthwhile, I've decided to introduce a new mechanic called "the edge". Whichever of a pair of combatants has the higher BAB has it, representing the greater time they spent on martial training at the expense of other activities. (I may eventually change it to require a BAB difference of two or more, but that doesn't lend itself well to playtesting.)

I've also made changes to the more general House Rules post.

The edge and combat maneuvers.Collapse )

Nov. 30th, 2008



11/30 summary

Dwarves, the Mror Holds, and House KundarakCollapse )

Wizards, Universities, and DragonmarksCollapse )

* Delcan has decided to play a dwarven rogue/wizard, who's attending Morograve University. He's adventuring for the sake of gold, but I reserve the right to saddle him with a thesis & dissertation as he gains levels of wizard.
* Z has elected to play a "pet rock", aka a gargoyle. I've decided to treat it as a four-level class. PC class as yet undecided.

Gargoyle hit dice progressionCollapse )

Nov. 15th, 2008



Intro to Eberron, and House Rules

Intro to EberronCollapse )
House RulesCollapse )

ETA: 11/15/08, 19:35 - I'll be available in #alfandriadnd during the usual Sunday timeslot if anyone wants to talk about the game. Thinking about making that a part of my standard practice.

Nov. 11th, 2008

We Salute You


New Game Proposition

One of the roadblocks between me devising an adventure for this group has been our average level, and my lack of experience. So, I'd like to try GMing a once-per-month game that starts all players at L1. At least at first, I'd be drawing heavily on published modules, but would customize them to keep things interesting.

Some features of the game, as I see it now:
* Eberron campaign setting - Steampunk goodness!
* The campaign begins at L1, as previously mentioned. 32 point-buy. (Races starting with > 1 hit die or a level adjustment may be allowed, on a case-by-case basis, but they'd be weakened to L1-equivalency and wouldn't start with a character class.)
* Magic is integral to the campaign setting, not something tacked on. It's practically a technology. As such, any member of a species that doesn't already have innate magic has probably learned bits and pieces by adulthood. Beings with NPC classes get 1 0-level spell (usable once/day) in addition to whatever else their class may provide; those with PC classes get two. Please try to make them appropriate to your character. (Note, however, that concentration is not a universal skill.)
* The Monk class would be as described in this post, because the PHB version doesn't really do the concept justice.
* There would be many problems which trying to solve with violence would be stupid, if not outright suicidal. I'd give warnings, of course, but wouldn't stop players from doing said stupid things.
* Plus a few minor homerules that I've snagged from playing in others' games.

So, who's interested?

Mar. 23rd, 2008

Green Devil


The Chapel of Evil: a log

Long, hilarious, and humiliating.Collapse )

Aug. 5th, 2007

The Hermit


Our Intrepid Heroes, and their Nifty Abilities

Harl Jotmun, Level 13 Half-Orcish (formerly human) RogueCollapse )

Dorcas Gildren, level 12 Human-ish DruidCollapse )

Lanya, Level 11 Fireborne Human MonkCollapse )

Elentar, Level 11 Elven Cleric of the HeavensCollapse )

Kelim, Level 12 Gnomish SorcerorCollapse )

Kekhald, Level 11 Kobold PaladinCollapse )

Jul. 7th, 2006

*evil DM grin*


(no subject)

Harl's TalentsCollapse )

Dorcas' TalentsCollapse )

Lanya's TalentsCollapse )

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